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Health Benefits of AloeVera

Benefits of 100% Pure Aloe Vera - Stay Healthy With 100% Pure Aloe Vera

Miracle Of Aloe Hand Cream

Hi guys welcome to my channel simple beauty secrets Today’s remedy is very special for Skin Whitening And for the first time I will show live results of this remedy in this tutorial. So you will see yourself how effective this remedy is so watch carefully And write the procedure step by step.

This is my personel tip and you wont find it on any other channel Yes others will copy this tip but its an original one By Simple Beauty Secrets So lets check out this tip First subscribe my channel . Because you dont want to miss amazing tips by Simple Beauty Secrets First we will prepare Scrub Add Some Honey.

Add some orange juice. Then Sugar Now mix these ingredients properly We will scrub it on our skin with the lemon. and Do it for 25 minutes . note the time and make sure you scrub it for 25 minutes.

I couldn’t take care of my skin after marriage Because of which my skin was damaged Then i started using Beauty tips I am a herbal expert myself. Therefore I do try different tips This was the tip which helped me in making my skin very fresh.

So i have shared it with you today So before you move on Subscribe to my Channel Because you wont get these tips any where else You guys can see the results after the scrub. Now we will prepare Skin Whitening Mask Add Rice Flour.

And now i am adding 5% hydrogen per oxide solution . If you do not want to use it . you can skip Hydrogen per Oxide. Hydrogen per oxide is very effective for scars and skin lightening Now i will add Shea Butter You have to add 4 table spoons of Shea Butter This is very helpful for moisturizing your skin.

After butter i am adding orange juice. Then i am adding Orange Juice and now mix all these ingredients properly At the end it will turn up in a thick paste Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes I repeat note the time and apply it for 30 minutes.

Until its completely dry After the mask dry’s wash it with Rice water Soak the rice in water and wash your hands with rice water Friends my skin is already Fair but still the difference is Clear I challange you to use this tip for 30 days and then you wont need skin whitening injections.

How To Get Fair Skin With Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Gel For Face Simple Beauty Secrets

Hello guys welcome to another amazing tutorial By Simple Beauty Secrets. My todays remedy is for clear , Fair and spotless skin. But Before I start , Subscribe my Channel. I have previously told you many tips. But sometimes its a bit hard to make because they have more ingredients.

But todays tip has only two ingredients The main ingredient is Aloe Vera I have told you already that Aloe Vera is best ingredient for beauty remedies Its a great for Skin and hair. apart from this you can eat it as well for weight loss.

I have kept a plant of aloe vera at home. so you should bring or grow one at your home Its a miracle formula to make your skin beautiful Take a leaf. Cut its edges and then divide it from center with the help of a knife. As shown in the tutorial cut it with knife so that the gel is extracted easily.

When i am really busy then i use this remedy because its a simple remedy with amazing results. and put fresh lemon juice over the leaf. and rub it on skin for 5 to 7 minutes. I repeat friends for 5 to 7 minutes. then you have to wash your skin with tap water.

Aloe vera will nourish your skin. it has another benefit which is, it can be used even if you have sensitive skin. because it has no disadvantages. using face wash sometimes makes your skin oily or dry Aloe Vera is free of all such effects. It will nourish your skin.

Now i am doing the same procedure using vitamin e capsules . If you dont want to use lemon you can use vitamin E . Just for this tip. Aloe Vera Also Acts like a sunscreen . So you can use it as a sun block just rub it before you go in sun light .

It has anti ageing properties as well it helps for a wrinkle free skin. so you can start using it at an early age go stay wrinkle free if you do have wrinkles, Start using Aloe Vera and see the magical difference after few months so guys you use to say that I should tell.

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