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Health Benefits of AloeVera

Benefits of 100% Pure Aloe Vera - Stay Healthy With 100% Pure Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Recipe For Hair Growth

Today we are making an aloe vera hair mask, i’m using fresh aloe from the garden, you can use store bought aloe gel as well. First we have to remove the sharp edges of the aloe leaf. Net remove the peel, we’re only removing one side of the peel, then use a spoon to remove the aloe gel. Blend with one eight cup of water, strain with a sieve and then a muslin cloth to remove fine particles of the aloe vera gel residue. Now it is ready, pour the aloe vera juice into an applicator bottle for easy use. I am starting on freshly.

Washed hair, then i am going to apply the aloe vera juice liberally, trying to coat all my strands. Next, I apply the castor oil, coconut oil mix to help lock in the moisture of the aloe vera. I continued the same process throughout the rest of my hair. Here are some benefits of aloe vera, it combats frizzy hair and fly aways, creates a protective layer from dirt and dust particles. Aloe vera restores your pH, while maintaining it and preventing and major issues with your hair. A third benefit of aloe vera gel, it deals with dry, itchy.

Scalp, whether the cause be dandruff or dryness, aloe vera is a rock star in reversing it. Applying it to your scalp and gently massaging it in is a great way to use aloe vera juice. It will also increase shine while reducing inflammation caused by itching. Finally, hair growth, aloe vera plant is chock full of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that strengthen the hair follicle. It locks in moisture while stimulating new hair growth. Most importantly you benefit from cell regeneration while repairing damaged hair. It doesn’t stop there. Aloe.

DIY Hair Growth Deep Conditioner w Fenugreek VEGAN Recipe

What’s up guys! i have another diy for you today It’s a mixture I’ve been using for the past almost two months It has another ingredient that has been known to strengthen your hair And it also has some really great detangling properties My hair is obviously in recoveration. My hair is in recovery stage right now.

So i am really invested in trying to get it as healthy as possible I’m still growing out some highlighted ends And I figure this would be a great mix to help my hair get stronger And it’s also vegan which is really great! I guess that’s it for now, everything else will be outlined in the tutorial and I’ll see you after Starting with my favorite base, we’re gonna use aloe vera juice.

It helps to moisturize, strengthen and condition your hair while balancing the natural ph and promoting shine One whole ripe banana To soften and moisturize the hair One whole ripe avocado To help moisturize, strengthen and repair damaged hair And the magic ingredient, methi or fenugreek powder.

Fenugreek is an india spice that comes in both seed and powder form It is said to be extremely effective in strengthening and repairing the hair It is also said to promote and improve hair growth I also love that it provides a ton of slip to the treatment making it super helpful in detangling In your blender add about two cups of to aloe vera juice One whole ripe banana.

One whole ripe avocado Then about a quarter cup of fenugreek powder You don’t really need too much of this Blend Grab a large bowl and small rice strainer with tiny holes Using the same method that I shared in my original banana and avocado mix tutorial.

We are straining this mixture to collect the liquid and exclude the pulp We don’t want those little pieces stuck in our curls, they will take forever to get out Pour the mixture into the strainer allowing the liquid to pass through And because this mixture is thick, you will need to tap it a few times and rotate the strainer to find those open holes Just don’t tap to hard or try to force it with a utensil or that my encourage the larger pulp chunks to come through When all the liquid is strained through you’ll be left with a super creamy and thick deep conditioner.

And this takes only five minutes or less to make {Music} Now we are gonna apply this I like to know that my hair is drinking in this mixture completely So I apply it on dry hair As you work it in you will notice the curls starting to soften and melt apart.

And you’ll also see how easy it is to detangle from the slip created by the fenugreek powder This stuff feels amazing in your hair The only thing is that fenugreek seeds and powder have the tendency to smell like maple syrup It takes some getting used to and I find that the scent get trapped in my hands for a few days since I apply it with bare hands But it doesn’t seem to get trapped in my hair so that’s good If you don’t like the smell I suggest applying with gloves or you can try masking the scent with an essential oil.

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