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Health Benefits of AloeVera

Benefits of 100% Pure Aloe Vera - Stay Healthy With 100% Pure Aloe Vera

Aloe Plant Not Growing

All right! this is john kohler with growingyourgreens . today, we have another exciting episode for you and yet on another field trip actually. This one is going to be really cool, here in South Florida. Today, Im going to share with you guys how to grow food undercover. Theres many places. Theres actually a place, I think, Miami Shores, that recently passed a law for the city that you cant grow an edible vegetable garden in your front yard. Actually, what happened was a family who has grown a garden, a front yard garden.

For the last 17 years got a notice just in march that a new law had passed that bans growing food in your front yard, or, more specifically, vegetables, although they could grow fruits like strawberries and maybe fruit trees and other things. So what were going to do in this episode is kind of say hand gesture to the city and show you guys how you can grow some edible things in your front yard, but not have it be a vegetable garden, and, actually, even better than a vegetable garden. This is almost like a medicinal garden.

So youre going to have to stay tuned for what specific crop that this family is growing a lot of. The first thing is that we are here in suburbia. As you guys can see, everybody has their front yard lawn. Once again, Im going to say that I believe lawns are a waste of resources. They take a lot of water, a lot of pesticides, and a lot of, you know, herbicides and fertilizers and whatnot, and a very small percentage of standard fertilizers that people use on.

Their lawns are actually giving nutrients to the lawn. most of it is being run off into the sewer systems, the storm drain, all of this kind of stuff. In addition, most people just have a lawn because their neighbor has a lawn, and, you know, how many kids do you see playing on lawns? Like, zero. Maybe if you had kids it would be a good use to have a lawn. But Im all about practicality and making the best use of your space. We all need to eat, so I think the best use of your space is to grow some food, and thats why.

I travel all around to share with you guys ways different people grow food differently. So Im glad to share with you guys this one today. So next, lets go ahead and pan the camera around and show you guys why Im here today. All right. As you guys can see, over on this side of the street right here, there is a house. It looks like the house is almost like a standard house. Half of the yard has a lawn, and they have actually a fig tree and a pomegranate tree. I always recommend and encourage you.

Guys to grow fruit trees if youre still going to have a lawn because you could grow some trees above the lawn, nobody is going to know, and its going to produce food for you and your family. Especially here in south Florida, I recommend you guys grow tropical fruits, definitely some of my favorites. In addition, besides just the lawn and some fruit trees, they have an aquaponic set up in the back, as well as some other things growing in the back yard, more fruit trees actually. Actually, they have a nice sapodilla tree.

Or chicozapote tree, one of my favorite fruits called the brown sugar fruit. its loaded with fruit, but its not going to be ripe for, I dont know, til next year. In addition, they got a really cool moringa tree. I know that a lot of you guys know about moringa already, and most people know about the standard moringa oleifera but this is a different variety of moringa, and its my favorite one that Ive ever found so far. So were going to look at that as well. Then down below their fruit trees, youll see like its literally.

An aloe garden. yes, aloe is a succulent, but its an edible succulent, and this is a very special aloe, so be sure to stay tuned for the segment at the end of this clip where we talk about the aloe. This family really loves their aloe. Its apparent that pretty much threequarters of their yard is taken up in aloe, and they have aloe baby pups growing at every corner. So first lets go ahead and head to the back yard and share with you guys actually whats growing back there.

How to Best Prepare and Eat Aloe Vera Aloe FAQ

Alright now we are going to show you guys how to filet an aloe vera properly. now i have seen many people do it and before today I wouldnt do it the best way possible. I am glad to share with you guys the best way to filet the Aloe so you guys dont get any of the green or the yellow sap, the aloenin, that smells like B.O. and is a laxative so if you eat too much of that stuff it can upset your stomach and it will not be good.

For you. what you do want to eat is the clear gel on the inside. furthermore what we are going to do to ensure we get all that aloenin off is we are actually going to soak the aloe in water after we cut it. We have 2 different 1 gallon pitchers of water to ensure that we dont get any of that stuff on it. The tools you will simply need are 1 a knife and 2 this is like a cake spreader thing, so there is no sharp blade on here and this is literally just going to separate the green from the gel on the inside. First step is.

You are going to take your knife here and just cut off the ends. so as you can see as soon as we cut off one end it is instantly going to start bleeding that yellow stuff. The next were going to do is just cut off that second end. Next we are going to cut off the spines on the edges. Also when we do this do you see how it is flat on this side and this side is curved up? Were going to want to cut off these spines, but at the same time we are going to want to take the blade kind of diagonally to cut off some of.

The green as well. so we are going to just carefully, cutting away from myself, cut off all the spines at a diagonal. There we go that how it looks once we do that. Now were going to do the other side. Alright and as you guys can see it is literally dripping this yellow ooze this is stuff you do not want to consume. This is going to be bleeding for a while so what we are going to do is just dunk it in our water and try to get it fully submerged, I am going to cut it off here so that it can be fully submerged and.

Dunk it in the water. what this is going to do is get some of that yellow aloenin off and actually get it pulled out of the Aloe Vera so that when we eat our filet we are not getting any of that stuff. Many Aloe Vera juice products and other products that are made and sold in health food stores are not prepared in this way and may have high aloenin content which means you will not be able to drink as much of it. In addition because a lot of them are heat processed a lot of the nutrients may be diminished. So I always encourage.

You guys to process all your foods out of your garden at your home and eat the freshest foods possible. There is literally no processing in here, we are just cutting it off, soaking it in water probably for about 5 minutes. While this one is soaking I am probably going to cut up a few more so I can have a super bomb drink we are going to make in the Vitamix blender in just a few minutes. Alright so I cut a few more Aloe, they have been sitting in there for just a little bit. Next I am going to go ahead and show you guys how to.

Filet it. we are going to go ahead and do a close up on the cutting board so you guys can see the specific way to do it. Lets go ahead and take out the one that has been soaking the longest here, well let some of the water drip off. And if you look as it here you should see very little of the yellow aloenin on there. I am still seeing a little bit here so what I might want to do is cut a little more off, or dunk it a little more. Alright so it has been about 5 minutes so we are going to take this one.

Out here we are going to let some of the water drain off. the yellow stuff has been oozing out because Aloe kind of bleeds yellow, like you bleed red. We got this guy out now so lets do the close up shot. Well show you how to use this cake spatula thing to filet the Aloe. So we are going to take our little cake spatula thing and were going to take the Aloe here and you can see it is curved up so we are going to push it all the way flat against the cutting board here. Were going to take this and carefully slide it.

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